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Are you excited about all things animal holistic?
Are you a proactive pet parent, an animal advocate, an animal alternative therapist, or a holistic minded veterinarian? 

Have you always wanted a community to brainstorm with, add new skills, learn from top experts & up your supplement, herbs and homeopathic game? 

If you said yes,
I am Inviting you to become aN INNER CIRCLE member!
Please join us!

What to Expect from HAI Membership?

There is usually one event a week

Training on Supplements, Herbs and Homeopathy  
Learn about Body Systems
Monthly Animal Iridology Practice Classes
Members' Case Studies
How to live tutorials 
Stellar Guest speakers
Supplement Fight Night - game show style 
Pet Prayer Sessions
Wednesday Joke Post of the Week
Muscle Testing Practice Class ( new addition)

Member perks: 
Discounted one on one appointments
Discount on all events Poppy produces 
An incredible, considerate, and caring community 

When I went to animal naturopathic and herbal schools, I was really disappointed in the high cost, lack of mentorship, questionable legitimately, and  quite frankly the quality of education. I hate to say it but it all felt scandalous. When I graduated, I did not feel qualified and felt ashamed to call myself an Animal Naturopath. 

Why am I telling you this? 

In a very cool way, this membership has evolved in to the vision of the animal naturopathic school I was searching for.  

I basically made my learning void, an educational quest in which I am  taking you all with me. 

The Benefits of
 The Holistic Animal Insights 
Private Membership


Usually weekly teachings on an herb, supplement, or homeopathic remedy,  which will all be recorded and archived in the guide section, available 24/7. 
3-4 sessions a month = est around 50 weeks/ year. Omitting holidays.  


A second weekly live event which may be Pet Prayer sessions, a training on a modality, guest interviews, case studies, Iridology and Kinesiology practice classes. 


Experts guest speakers teach on different modalities like Bach flowers, Gemmotherapy, Ozone, Tapping, Kinesiotape and more.  


I will be having experts discuss different types of creatures. 


For Being a Consistent  Member in Good Standing you will have discounts on challenges, masterclasses, courses, one one one sessions, or events that I am creating unless partnering with someone else. 


The challenge videos will be archived in the membership site. As long as you are a member you have access to them. 24/7 on the FB membership site.  .
The Holistic Animal Insights Membership is  
$10.00 per month or $110.00/ year

The Holistic Animal Insights Private Membership Launched this August 2020 to a limit of 30 Founding Members.  I am proud to say, they are all amazing passionate animal professionals, veterinarians, and pet guardians, like you! Now it is your turn to benefit the animal kingdom from YOU becoming a more empowered next level animal lover. 

Check Out What the Current Members are Saying!!

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Free for 7 days then $10 every month
What's Included:
  •  Weekly trainings on an herb, supplement, or homeopathic remedy with Q and A after. 
  •  Training on some sort of modality or species @ least monthly
  • ​Pet prayers, Q and A to posted pet related questions,  interviews or another training weekly.
  •  Event discounts
  •  Guest interviews
  •  Holistic Minded Pet Loving Community

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